Join us for the April Sitecore Technical User Group! Get insights in leveraging Microsoft Dynamics data with Sitecore, as well as looking at Content Hub's Experience Edge and customizations to Content Hub itself. Please sign in and RSVP at the bottom of this page, so we can send you the meeting details closer to the date.

Event Details

Delete / Kagool
April 27, 2021 - 17:00


Online - meeting details to follow closer to the date via email after signing up.


17:00 - Arrival and opening

17:05 - Two-way integration of Contacts between Sitecore xDB and MS Dynamics in real-time

Kate Orlova, Sitecore Strategy MVP and Head of Solutions Architecture & Anna Gevel, Sitecore Strategy MVP and Solutions Architect @ Delete / Kagool

In this presentation you will learn how to merge Sitecore xDB profile data with Microsoft Dynamics customer data to achieve a single customer view. This includes pushing Sitecore xDB contacts and profile scores captured online to Microsoft Dynamics when users register, submit a form or download assets as well as pulling Microsoft Dynamics customer data captured offline via phone calls or physical store visits. We will share our tried and tested approach for powering timely and accurate personalised experiences from richer user profiles.

17:30 - Expanding Sitecore Content Hub’s capabilities using the .NET SDK

Daniel Ionita, Sales Engineer @ Sitecore

In this presentation you will see an overview of Sitecore Content Hub integrating with downstream systems and a detailed demonstration of combining Content Hub DAM with Microsoft Office PowerPoint which will ultimately allow users to insert DAM images into slides directly from PowerPoint.

17:55 - The Sitecore Experience Edge - Headless Content Delivery At-Scale by Akshay Sura

Akshay Sura, Partner @ Konabos Consulting

Akshay will talk us through the following; Sitecore Experience Edge for Content Hub Benefits, how does it help to deliver omnichannel content?, Content Hub 4.0 walkthrough, Deliver to Edge functionality, Querying Sitecore Experience Edge using the GraphQL endpoint, GraphQL Playground.

18:20 - Q&A

18:40 - Close